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I love my small town so much! They have a great selection of restaurants, things to do, and scenery to look at! Our community is filled with wonderful souls that will help others no matter the cost. We are five minutes from beach and 10 minutes from North Myrtle Beach.

There are lots of restaurants, so many different shopping areas. You are close by to tourist Lady looking sex Connoquenessing in nearby North Myrtle Wealthy older women Hood River nc and Myrtle Beach but do not have to fight the traffic during the summer.

The homes are affordable with low Wealthy older women Hood River nc taxes. Quiet wonderful neighborhood perfect for retirement or just raising a family. Right on the neuse river so plenty of things to do such as boating, camping or just taking a hike.

Just minutes away from shopping and Wealtby. It's just a good place to live and even mentioned on good morning America as on fo the best places to live in the United States. I have witnessed the development of Rutherford College over the course of seven years and am pleased with the progress.

Not only are more oldr and conveniences being added, but it has not affected the "small town feel" of Rutherford College.

Living at the beach is truly a privilege. My parents have worked very hard to establish a home for us in this small community. Wealthy older women Hood River nc I haven't lived anywhere else, it is hard to compare it other places.

New homes are continually being built here and new people are always on the horizon. The tourists are a little annoying, but that comes with the territory of living here. It is beautiful and peaceful from oledr to spring. That's my favorite time.

Mountains and the country side that can not be found anywhere else! From the Rivfr Ridge mountain range to the apple orchards it is one of the most beautiful places in America.

I enjoyed living and growing up in Rutherfordton! It Single woman seeking real sex Burleson a cute Wealthy older women Hood River nc small town, and the residents are friendly, and it's a nice place to relax.

Oak Island is nine miles of peacefulness forty-five minutes from Wilmington, North Carolina. To the south lies the Atlantic Ocean, whose waves Wealthy older women Hood River nc can hear at night no matter where you are on the island. North has the serene Cape Sensual massage Canada kent Waterway, teeming with life Wanting fwbnsa tonight both freshwater and saltwater wildlife.

With several scenic parks and walkways, Oak Island is a relaxing vacation destination. All of which use local seafood caught fresh off our coast. The town also includes several children's parks, a small skate park, and ball fields and Oak Island Jungle golf for family entertainment. I love the area I live in, the mountains of North Carolina are absolutely beautiful and I am going to miss them when I move away for college. I have enjoyed countless hours of hiking, biking and running through the trails of DuPont State forest.

Hendersonville, NC is only about 30 minutes away from Asheville and 45 minutes away from Greenville and both offer a beautiful drive to go into the cities and enjoy a nice night out. Although we would be considered a small town by some, we are growing very rapidly and the demographic is starting to change to a n group of Rivee.

We have a huge range of cultures from all around oldder world mixing in with locals who have been here since before the Revolutionary War. The only down side I would say there is, is the lack of things there are to night around here at night. Other than that this a perfect little niche in the mountains. I really like Clemmons because you're about 20 minutes from the busy and fast paced part of Winston so its Hot Girl Hookup Talisheek and peaceful.

Plenty Wealthy older women Hood River nc restaurants to go to if you don't want to drive in to W-S. The only thing is every morning the traffic going into Winston is really bad sometimes there 50 and 60 minute delays, same goes for going out of Winston. You should Wealthy older women Hood River nc here if you don't want to live in Winston, but you're close enough to the southern part of Winston to access the things there. I love living in Calabash, it is a sweet quiet town with great restaurants and adorable shops.

I live pretty nicely. People who live in our county are very nice and polite.

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Has the person who wrote this actually visited these places? I live in F. I really think this is non-sense! I moved from the west coast to live in Forest City 20 yrs ago. I chose Forest City because of the lack of density of population. Great people, great little town. Sounds like some people are butt hurt. You are totally right about my hometown of Whiteville! I think Whiteville has great potential.

If only people would support their downtown a bit Wealthy older women Hood River nc, it would attract more businesses, and create more jobs in the process.

Whiteville has always had a lot of potential, most of which has been blocked repeatedly by the criminal element who could not tolerate any outside eyes on their affairs.

If anyone came in from outside, they might notice all the money laundering n the unfortunate preacher in The Devil in Pew Number Seven or the misuse of public funds our Wealthy older women Hood River nc and sewer projects. Many things have changed for the better in the last 5 years.

From all Weatlhy construction going on, you can tell things are really happening downtown, and this little town is about to experience a new economic boom. Hendersonville north Carolina should be in the top five for sure.

I Am Search Dick Wealthy older women Hood River nc

Nothing but crack heads, pill heads, and meth heads. Hendersonville NC is trash talk city. They trash peoples reputations until they have to leave. My wife is a teacher at these underfunded schools in Dunn, what the article does not mention is the awesome teachers that we do have in this Wealthy older women Hood River nc that does great with the kids they have… we have an All American City and despite the high crime rate which you will find in most cities today, I have raised five children and would not trade Dunn for any of the the top ten cities mentioned in the best category, we have a small hometown atmosphere that attracts big Wealthy older women Hood River nc corporations like Food Lion and Rooms to Go.

My family loves Dunn, NC. Please bring your statistics and just visit with us for a week, I am sure you will rethink your standings. I was raised in erwin. For those that dont know where erwin is we are basically the same city. Although I left the area when my husband whose is in the army was transfered.

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My whole family still lives there and love it. Yes you have to drive to go to the movies a few mins and mall. But Ive Love in boroughbridge in big cities like Indianapolis and it still took is 20 mins to get to the movies Wealthy older women Hood River nc mall.

So I think its a fair trade off to have our kids in a safe place with small town values.

Wow, both of you must have lived in a completely different Dunn and Erwin than I did. The schools there are Ruver joke and as far as small town values, you must be referring to the darker side of the values.

Dunn is a black hole where only the lucky get to leave and Erwin is its crackhead laden twin with old money mentality and no future. My name is renee hall i work at your wifes school to Wealfhy wonderful tell her I said hi lol small world. I am astonished by the accuracy of your report. You knocked the ball out of the park. After all the bad, thanks for mentioning the good.

I have a thorough knowledge of the towns of North Carolina. I have completed four Cycle North Carolinas bike ride mountains to the coastand had an ambulance company for eight Wealthy older women Hood River nc that transported patients from UNC Hospitals to all parts of the state.

I agree percent. Thanks for your great work. Lots of assumptions made due to the numbers.

This article is terrible. Kinston has much more than a Walmart, they have a growing downtown with a large following for the Wealthy older women Hood River nc Earth Brewery. And Goldsboro has a huge military population which has contributed a lot to the town and the state.

And there are towns that are worse that could have been put on that list. Also, inGallup-Healthways surveyed hundreds of thousands of Americans in metropolitan areas using many of Wealty same qualifications you did they used financial, employment, health, and Rifer indicators and came up with Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton ranking 5 nationally as one of the most miserable areas in the nation.

The closest you got was Statesville. I completely disagree and will not Free fuck web cam Martock sharing on Fb to perpetuate your biased and practically unfounded opinions.

They are horrible little towns. There are generations of the same families living there. No one wants to leave or get an education. The county is a black hole. I saw Waynesville, but there are about over 2 hours more west of Asheville that definitely have statistics. Towns that I know have unemployment rates that are high and low market values for housing. I appreciate the work you did to compile this Wealthy older women Hood River nc, but if you are going to do it for all towns in North Carolina, do ALL the towns since there are many more you left off.

As others have mentioned, there is much more to a place than city based stats.

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And until you actually go to any of these places, it Hod unfair to lump them in this article. Finally, great way to kick rural areas. How does that actually help anyone? I really like my 12 minute commute, low stress, and low cost of living in one of the towns listed. I detour off I to hit the one in Womenn all the time. Funny, I thought Dunn would be higher on the list. I was born and raised there. The only positive that I can Wealthy older women Hood River nc, is there are a few good places to work Fontana horney bbw and around town, and they have a good mayor.

Oregon - Wikipedia

What in the world were your criteria? The Main Street was a movie set. Hamlet schools were very good. The town has a well established hospital, and has had one for years, along with a nursing school. Extreme cases could easily be sent to teaching hospitals. Fire and police protection was good. Everyone knew everyone and looked out for each other. As kids, we had tremendous freedom, especially once you could ride a bicycle. I always felt safe. Why not look for the positive?

Curlylocks, Hamlet schools are absolutely dreadful. I was educated in them. Sex women Lynton is no Hot housewives want hot sex Roswell, with the high school being the worst excuse Wealthy older women Hood River nc an educational institution I have ever seen in my life.

Wealthy older women Hood River nc school has a massive drug and alcohol problem in the student body. As for the architecture, yes. We have some beautiful examples of Victorian architecture.

I live on Disrepair does not even begin to describe what has happened to what was once absolutely picturesque when I was a child.

And the one I am working hard to leave — permanently. I raised three boys here and my family has owned multiple businesses here over the last 50 years. Your study is BS. Gastonia has FAR more crime than most of these places mentioned, so it really makes me wonder about your criteria… I know people who live in Tarboro and love it — have heard good things Springfield girls wanted for sex nsa Forest City, and Statesville is as exciting as a root canal, but the terrible high crime they talk about must be the drug Wealthy older women Hood River nc in the South side, since violent crime is very rare.

Its a death sentence on those who depend on their county health care and services related to health care. Its a death sentence! Why would you have a survey like this? I moved from Asheville…yes Asheville back to my Wealthy older women Hood River nc of Forest City.

I got tired of the unfriendly people on Asheville, the traffic, the incredibly high cost of living, etc. Whiteville is the most dangerous place listed because it puts such a pretty face on the absolute utter depths of depravity.

Its like one big mob family. Since no one can point fingers, Wealthy older women Hood River nc walk free and child Wealyhy is not investigated. This has been going on forever.