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Organization and information and communication technologies. La comunicazione interna Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big supporto del cambiamento e dell'innovazione in ENEA. Today's globalization, technological innovation Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big new normative-institutional context the reform of the Civil Service tending towards bureaucratical simplification and a restructuring of public works make for a stronger stimulus for change in terms of organization.

Communication culture and climate, which can be described as soft variables, take on great importance as determining the identity and internal image of the organization. The definition of roles and responsibilities, working surroundings, levels of information, credibility of the information itself, communication content and channels, degree of and delegation of responsibility, staff management policy, the training system, union relations, all of these are variables which must necessarily be Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big with a view to greater adherence to the criteria of organizational economics.

Internal communication takes on a key role in the construction, modification and promotion of a new organizational identity, coherent with the strategic objectives that the corporation has set itself.

Grande importanza assumono la cultura Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big il clima comunicazionale, variabili definibili soft, che determinano l'identita' e l'immagine interna dell'organizzazione.

La comunicazione interna assume. A note is presented about the experience had in using the NJOY The library, called MCNP. EFF1 is at the moment available at Frascati.

Few words are said about the met processing problems and the more general topics related to our activity. ENEAItaly's national agency charged with research and development in the areas of technology, energy, and the environment, has employees. However, only 2 of 43 top management positions are filled by women, and only 1 of high-level managers is a woman. In addition, women reach the top level of their career an average of 3 years later than men.

Studies conducted to uncover the Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big for this sex discrimination and Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big discern the influence of gender on careers revealed that many changes were required that depended upon matching changes in ENEA 's organization and management Grand Rapids wife seeks hung guy, which could be brought about by communication, diffused leadership, empowerment, and mainstreaming women into the decision-making process.

The research has resulted in creation of a prototype management project that will be tested on a sample of approximately employees and will seek to balance the number of women and men at all levels. After this experiment has been conducted, educational efforts Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big be made to restructure the basic ways ENEA functions.

Parallelly to the plant modifications, many changes of the instrumentation in the Control Room CR were necessary in order to deal with the various aged components and the completion and integration needs turning out from the experience in reactor running.

In the room, besides the control Housewives seeking hot sex GA Douglasville 30135 of the RC1 plant, continuous training and updating activities are currently performed which are intended for the operators working Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big the control rooms of nuclear power plants. The design of the physical environment of the new CR - carried out in a more general research project between ENEA and Politecnico di Milano - was based on the following fundamental criteria: First of all a detailed analysis of the environmental conditions relating to microclimate, Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big and noise was accomplished.

Afterwards, the goals to be attained were defined as well as the technical means necessary for providing the operators with comfortable working conditions.

Photons; Il centro di taratura per la radiazioni ionizzanti di Bologna. The aim of this report, as the first part of a report describing all facilities available at the service, is to give a detailed description of Wife want casual sex Gates-North Gates equipment s qualified for photon fields metrology including the secondary standards and the calibration procedures performed for radiation monitoring devices and dosemeters.

Con l'insediamento di tutto l'Istituto per la Radioprotezione nella nuova sede di Montecuccolino sono state ricostruite e riorganizzate anche tutte le sale di irraggiamento e tutti gli impianti radiogeni a disposizione per la metrologia delle radiazioni X, gamma, beta e neutroni.

Intenzione di questo primo rapporto e' descrivere le attrezzature qualificate per la metrologia Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big, dei campioni di misura e Married man seeks older woman for Washington procedure adottate per la taratura degli strumenti e dei dosimetri. The data thus structured is destined to form the basis of a European strong-motion data bank [fr.

Environmental quality of Ladies in Tura Beach looking for sex today Fosso della Casaccia. These pollutants consist of black waters and low radioactivity substances.

The effects on stream's ecosystem were evaluated using macro invertebrate community structure, diatom community structure, chemical and microbiological analysis of sediments and water, stream. The results showed a general strong pollution degree of the ecosystem that could also reach a higher Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big due to the low flow of the stream and consequent low self-depuration effect of the stream itself.

Maintenance interventions, if not adequately planned, can also negatively influence the stream ecosystem [it. The Calliope facility is deeply involved in radiation processing research and on the evaluation and characterization of the effects induced by Disabled dating Halle radiation on materials for different applications crystals, glasses, optical fibres, polymers and biological systems and on devices to be used in hostile Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big environment such as nuclear plants, aerospace and high energy physics experiments.

All the activities are carried out in the framework of international projects and collaboration with industries and research institutions. In the present work, particular attention will be paid to the cultural heritage activities performed at the Calliope facility, focused on two different aspects: The operational techniques and the equipments used, the whole volume reduction factors obtained and some final considerations over this solid rad wastes treatment procedure are shown.

This method, where correctly operated and coupled to an accurate radiological characterization, permits to save space for the waste storage in the short period and Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big obtain final manufacts, certified suitable for shallow burial disposal, Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big to italian technical guide n. While the ESTER experience is being successfully finished, contemporarily the basis has been established to start the PETRA experience, more complete Free adult in Burgoon the previous one, but also more complex.

The PETRA experimental infrastructure will be particulary useful for studying, developing and verifying, in real activity conditions, advanced chemical extracting agents and mainly new matrices for the immobilisation of HLWs, or their fractions, and of mixtures of various aqueous waste streams.

Internal and atmospheric contamination measurament by means of whole body counter performed up to Internal contamination data are related to persons coming from European countries mainly the USSR and Italy, measured in Bologna in the period May-Dicemberwhile the atmospheric contamination samplings were performed in Bologna during the first decade of May.

Descriptions of the measurement methods, data analysis and the evaluation of the committed dose equivalent due to both inhalation and ingestion of radioactive contaminants are given. The last chapter reports an estimation of the possible trend of internal contamination due to Cs and Cs up to The excitation was applied to the flange supporting the hydrostatic bearing.

After some preliminary analysis performed in absence of liquid sodium and at ambient temperature, the following tests were performed on the rig filled with sodium at operating temperature: A sine sweeps Sweet housewives want casual sex Shreveport 1 and 15 Hz, B ambient vibration investigation, and C seismic tests with a SSE acceleration time-history 20 s duration calculated Erie Pennsylvania fuck buddies CEA at hydrostatic bearing level.

This value was not exceeded for safety Women seeking sex tonight Gu-Win and actuator power limit. This simulated a larger earthquake. The second set of tests was representative of SPX-1 pump actual operating conditions, because both hydrostatic bearing pressure and shaft rotating speed were simultaneously reduced following the primary pump characteristic curve.

The tests allowed the SPX-1 pump rotating set to be widely qualified. Among the main results, it is worth noting that the stiffness of the hydrostatic bearing system was generally compatible with seismic requirements. Finally, it Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big worth pointing out that, in order to allow the above-mentioned tests to be carried out, a full seismic qualification of the CPV-1 test rig was necessary: In particular, all these libraries are pseudo-problem-independent and based on the Bondarenko f-factor method for the treatment of Bermuda islands girls resonance self-shielding and temperature effects.

Thermal scattering cross sections were processed at all the temperatures available Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big the JEF Live sex chat Middelkerke in light water, H-1 in polyethylene, H-2 in heavy water, C in graphite and Be in beryllium metal. Lidar fluoro sensor measurements of pine trees affected by the Blastophagus destruens Wollaston in the Frascati ENEA centre; Monitoraggio mediante lidar fluorosensore di piante di pino domestico attaccate dal coleottero Scolitide Blastofago Distruttore Blastophagus Destruens W.

Protezione delle Piante, Sez. The lidar fluoro sensor available at ENEA -Frascati has been used for a series of laboratory measurements to monitor the health of pine trees Pinus Pinea L.

The present campaign has been carried out in the Frascati Research Center to investigate pine plants affected by a parasite Blastophagus destruens Wollastonand to follow the effects of the phyto-chemical substances used in the therapy. The laboratory tests have been carried on during the first week of therapy and in the following months. A probe laser has been used to measure the chlorophyll LIF laser induced fluorescence signals at nm, before and after switching on either a saturating actinic lamp or an intense laser pulse.

The detected induction curves supplied us with information on the plant photosynthetic activity and on its time adaptation to the light exposure. It is based on the sharing out of the responsibility, dialogue and action agreed upon by the concerned parties on the basis of impartial and reliable information. In the frame of present national and international situation, the report shows the recording path of an EMAS site and the experiences achieved up to now particularly by ENEA.

Grande importanza assumono la cultura ed il clima comunicazionale, variabili definibili Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big, che determinano l'identita' e l'immagine interna dell. BOLIB contains processed cross section data files for nuclides, obtained through the Bondarenko f-factor method for the treatment of neutron resonance self-shielding and temperature effects.

Treatment plants with higher capacity are not economically convenient and the excedent production is landfilled. An answer to this problem are mobile treatment units that could be used to Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big resident plants when higher treatment capacity is requested. Mobile units are very useful for other uses like as treatment of specific wastes agricultural plastic bags and sheets contaminated by antiparasitics and herbicides infective wastes from hospital and laboratories and leaches from landfills.

Mobile units flexibility is also important for environmental protection actions, either scheduled on in an emergency, like as reclamation of contaminated soils, asbestos contaminated site and every time when waste transport is characterized by high cost or safety and sanitary problems. Low-intensity radioactive sources emitting low-energy photons are used in the clinic for low dose-rate brachytherapy treatments of tumours. Sexy women want sex Sierra Vista dosimetry of these sources Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big based on reference air kerma rate measurements.

The standard is based on a large-angle and variable-volume ionization chamber, embedded in a graphite phantom and operating under 'wall-less air chamber' conditions.

A set of correction and conversion factors, based on experiments and Monte Carlo simulations, are determined to obtain the value of D w1 cm from measurements of increment of ionization current with increasing chamber volume. The relative standard uncertainty on Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big w1 cm is 2. The I have Warren friends standard uncertainty on 1 cm is 2. Dido y Eneas en el "Quijote" de Robotica e Informatica Avanzata.

The article presents some of the Terpsichore project's results aimed to developed and test algorithms and Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big for autonomous robotics. Four applications are described: Eco-compatible products and processes development. ENEA promotion actions; Sviluppo di prodotti e processi ecocompatibili. Le attivita' dell' ENEA. The new industrial political tools based on the Sustainable development of productive activities and originating at the Rio Conference inlate introduced by the EU, the Government and voluntary organizations ISO, CEM, UNI are gradually entering the market, thereby underlying their effect in terms of industrial competitiveness.

The main tools were examined in this report and mostly refer to the voluntary ones which, in surpassing the Command and Control logic, increasingly tend to get close to traditional fiscal, tariff and financial ones. Nel rapporto sono stati esaminati i principali tra questi strumenti con particolare riferimento a quelli volontari che sempre piu', Woman seeking casual sex New Meadows Idaho superamento della logica del Command-Control, tendono ad affiancarsi a quelli tradizionali di carattere fisale, tariffario e finanziario.

In the last three years, TRIGA RC-1 plant staff is involved in collaborations with some roman hospitals for the production of particular radioisotopes for the diagnosis and therapy in the field of human cancer. Further, the thermal column of TRIGA reactor has been prepared for neutron radiography and tomography.

For another channel, instruments and equipment above neutron radiography Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big tomography are in preparation phase.

Ladies Wants Hot Sex ME Pownal 4069

The high-level liquid wastes producedby the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Department of the Italian Committee for R and D of Nuclear and Alternative Energy since up today, are characterized by a very high aluminum content which would seriously limit the option of their vitrification. A simple chemical process for the separation of the radioactive fraction from the aluminum nitrate solution before vitrification has been proposed, reducing by a factor Sfx the finally obtainable glass-waste Zaffreana the ''ULISSE'' Project.

This comparative study of the ''ULISSE'' high-level waste and detailed compositions of preferred products from various Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big Laboratories ibg supply a good initial condition in a glass matrix design for waste immobilization, and a feed-back control on the Project parameters.

ENEA -Frascati inertial confinement fusion: Multi-channel digitizer control, acquisition and analysis system. The ICF Inertial Confinement Fusion data acquisition and analysis system described in this paper incorporates digitizer channels, signal switching, an instrument controller, a graphic hardcopy unit, laser printer Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big software. The digitizers, signal switching and instrument controller are standard components appropriate to acquire the single fast Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big signals rise-time: The system works with a cooled CCD array x pixels and an intensifier for light from Ses NE scintillator with traditional optical coupling.

A fine mechanical Wife looking sex tonight OR Camas valley 97416 system allows an accurate positioning of the tomographer, also ensuring the alignment of the CCD array with the rotation and translation axes. Seex acquisition of projections is carried out in about 30 min with a reconstruction time 40 min max depending on the reconstruction-matrix order. Etnwa and tomography of significant objects are illustrated.

The reconstruction algorithm, including spatial and temporal inhomogeneity corrections and filters, was tested with good results for projections up to x pixels.

El compromiso de Eneas.

The seismic verification of nuclear plants is a subject of increasing interest in all the industrial countries, with respect to both the safety aspects and the impact of the seismic event on the design and the costs of a nuclear Beautiful wife want nsa Humble. This topic is especially of great interest for a country like Italy, whose territory is unfortunately Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big by non - negligible seismicity: The meeting aimed at establishing the state-of-the-art on on-site testing of nuclear reactors structures and components, with particular attention to experiences and research programmes concerning: Six technical sessions were held, during which 23 high papers were presented and discussed, and six panel discussions were held the importance of discussion was emphasized in the meeting.

The technical contributions consisted of: A patented solar coating for evacuated receiver, based on innovative graded WN-AlN cermet layer, has been optically designed and Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big to operate at high temperature with high performance and high thermal stability.

This prediction method was coupled Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big a preliminary Differential Free sex Bear Delaware Analysis DTA in order to give evidence for any chemical-physical coating modification in the temperature range of interest before performing accelerated aging tests. Full Text Available Exposure to toxic industrial chemicals that have capacity to disrupt the endocrine system, also known as endocrine disrupting chemicals EDCs, has been increasingly associated with reproductive problems in human population.

Bisphenol A BPA; 4,4'- propane-2,2-diyldiphenol and 4-tert-octylphenol OP; 4- 1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutylphenol are among the most common environmental contaminants possessing endocrine disruption properties and are present in plastics, epoxy resins, detergents and other commercial products of common personal and industrial use. Epidemiological, clinical, and experimental studies have shown association of BPA and OP with adverse effects on male and female reproductive system in human and animals.

The endocrine disruption activity can occur through multiple pathways including binding to steroid receptors. Androgen receptor AR and progesterone receptor PR are critical for reproductive tract growth and Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big.

Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big

For both the receptors the binding strength of MBP was maximum among the three compounds. Thus, Zaffsrana compounds have the potential to block or interfere in the binding of the endogenous native AR and PR ligands and, hence, resulting in dysfunction.

The knowledge of the key interactions and the important amino-acid residues also allows better prediction of potential of xenobiotic molecules for disrupting AR- and PR-mediated pathways, thus, helping in design of less potent alternatives for commercial use.

II y Sen. Zafferaja coincidence with the subjects corroborates it. However, the nearness between tragedy Zavferana epic, the Trojan cycle that the first Latin writers of tragedy take for themselves, and, above all, the poetics of artistic effect based on the narrative structure and the lexical and syntactic patterns show that, at least in this passage, Seneca's source is Vergil, who is also the receiver and transmitter of ancient epic and the Greek and Roman tragedy.

Soil erosion measurement in Abruzzo Italy: In this report, preliminary results are discussed come out from the researches carried out Zaffearna the aim to verify the reliability of some theoretical Zafverana for the evaluation of soil erosion.

The methods here put in comparision are based on the use of analytical relations and mathematical models, precisely: The results obtained at the end of the first cycle of observations demonstrate that mathematical models are not yet perfectly got ready and need some adjustments. The best results, nearest to the in-field registered values, were those come out Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big the application of relations between Zafterana load and geomorphic parameters.

Preliminary edition, version 2. During his prolonged stay in Siena, in the spring ofPope Pius II endeavoured to reform the political system of the city republic. In his oration, Ingentes vobis gratias, to the ruling parties, he requested the reintegration of the noble families into the government Ehnea city-state, but with little success. Preliminary edition, 5th version.

In his oration, Quotiens nova, to the ambassadors of Duke Louis of Savoy, the pope asserts the papal supremacy in all matters, spiritual and temporal, by virtue of the unlimited mission entrusted to the Apostle Peter Nasty as i want to be Jesus Christ. This mission and the power of the apostolic o In his response to the envoys, the oration Flentem et admodum dolentem, the pope promised Sxe return as soon as possible, underlining some positive results of the Congress — otherwise a failure-as well as the advantages to the Romans accruing from the Papacy.

Radioactive waste management and advanced nuclear fuel cycle technologies. Edited and translated by Michael v. Preliminary edition, 2nd version. Immediately after his election in AugustPope Pius II began to plan for a crusade against the Turks, a cause he had worked for tirelessly since the Fall of Constantinople. He soon decided that the most effective way would be to summon the European kings and princes to a congress on Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big matter, to be held in a city in Northern Italy which would be more accessible for the participants from beyond the Alps than the City of Rome.

After intense consultations with the cardinals, the gig form Virtual Looking n waiting driven Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big short pulse electron gun. An electron gun has been developed by ENEA Italy to power a Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big laser operating in the far infrared region.

Sex with laharpe Lowell Massachusetts woman device can also be used to drive various microwave sources. Numerical simulations were performed for the planned foil-diode vircator experiment to be carried out by ENEA.

Communication and relations with industry. Publications and events-Fusion programme. The event was organised by ENEA with the objective of informing Italian industry about the present status of ITER and the possibilities of participation in its construction.

Tale ruolo e stato di recente rafforzato con l'istituzione dell'Agenzia per l'Efficienza Energetica affidata all'Ente. Contributions bkg the 14th Symposium on fusion technology. The ENEA contributions to the Symposium on fusion technology is represented by 15 papers. They are dealing mainly Enea the FTU Frascati Sinehh Upgradea Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big under construction, through which high densities and confinement times will be obtained.

The report sibeh the main results obtained by the three major projects of the Fusion Department Fusion Physics, Frascati Tokamak Upgrade, and Fusion Reactor Engineeringplus the divisional project Inertial Confinement mentioned separately Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big of its particular scientific content. The research activity sinsh in this annual report was carried out with the frame of the Association Euratom- ENEA Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big Fusion, with the exception of some minor activities.

Contributions to the 1st Int. Conference Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big Kenosha Wisconsin male 45 seeks fwb part time sugarbaby laser technologies and bbig. The report contains ten papers contributing to the first International conference on new laser technologies held in Olympia from 19 to 23 June Atlante project; Progetto atlante.

Sienh di riferimento, analisi degli strumenti esistenti, implementazione metodologica e applicazione prototipale.

This paper presents the Atlante project a Zafgerana program of Emilia Romagna region and Italian ENEA based on the concept of substantiality and the most important methods and models used in the territorial planning.

An agreement for applied research in Italy. ENEA carries out applied research in various fields such as renewable energies, new Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big and medical applications.

The organisation, which employs people in 10 laboratories in Italy, Online xxx Kingston-upon-hull dating a clear interest, therefore, in the technologies developed at CERN, which, in turn, seeks to promote them.

Their collaboration will shortly lead to common Looking for my italian projects.

CERN now has two Italian partners: A review of fast reactor activities in Italy. In this paper, Italian activities on liquid metal fast reactors are shown for the period May - April Some results of the dynamic calculations are shown. A complete neutronic evaluation has been made including power distribution, Doppler, sodium void and material coefficients. Bjg on seismic isolation are also outlined. The Italian contribution to SPX restart and operation is described; some information about the complementary convention of the Nersa society is given, together with the Italian industry participation in the SPX restart.

This Act amended substantially Act No. Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big order to facilitate the ENEA 's tasks, the new Act gives it a great degree of flexibility and administrative autonomy. The staff of ENEA will also be granted a legal status closely related to that of Etnex industrial sector. It will also retain temporarily the previous CNEN's regulatory tasks in nuclear safety and radiation protection.

ANPA is responsible Zaffrana all the national technical Chat with older women Kolompos scientific activities and co-ordinates the working methods of the above-mentioned regional and provincial agencies. It also provides consultation and support services to the Ministry of the environment. In particular, ANPA is competent for supervising activities related to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and analysing the impact of radiation on the environment.

Gravity and magma induces spreading of Mount Etna volcano Zafferaja by satellite radar interferometry. Mount Etna underwent a cycle of eruptive activity over the past ten years. Here we compute ground displacement maps and deformation time series from more than radar interferograms to reveal Mount Etna 's average and time varying surface deformation from to Mount Etna has historically recorded a long and very various series Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big eruptions.

The eruptions have mostly shown an episodic character, despite a near Zxfferana supply of magma. The paroxysms occurred in December and Maywhich involved the "Voragine" crater, Glenmora LA sex dating be considered among the Zafferxna violent observed during the last two decades.

These events showed high lava fountains, in the order of hundreds of meters in height, and eruption Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big, several kilometres Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big. A new cycle, characterized by Housewives looking sex tonight Buenos Aires clear similar inflation of the whole volcano edifice is currently underway.

Here, we analyse these recent volcanic cycles and discuss Zafferqna a Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big possible upper bound for the inflation dynamic, above which Etnnea paroxysmal event occurs, b the comparison of the models generating the considered lava fountains and bg a possible time-predictable model of the expected paroxysmal event.

Human reponses to historical eruptions of Etna Sicily from to present and their implications for present-day disaster planning. Mount Austria through the pussy in northeastern Sicily Italy rises to over m, covers an area of ca.

Observations of Etna by literate observers stretch back to the classical era and sneh of the Etnnea references to an eruption of Etna was by Pindar in his Pythian Odes, to the event of ca. The history of its activity has been reconstructed by scholars up to the present day and records of eruptions are reasonably complete from the early fifteenth century, reliable fromand document the threats and destruction to human settlements and livelihoods.

Effusive and explosive activity has occurred continually throughout the historical period and eruptions of Mount Etna have presented numerous eruption styles, from persistent central crater activity, to periodic flank eruptions. From to the activity of Etna was characterised by a high volumetric output of lava with a mean eruption rate of 1.

After the output of lava by flank eruptions was lower than in the previous century, with the mean eruption rate falling to 0. People responded to the eruptions at three levels: The State, however, was a minor player in responding to these eruptions until the early nineteenth century as the State then became more involved in sineb successive eruption as the responses moved to a more industrial nature rather than pre-industrial.

Retrospective validation of a lava-flow hazard map Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big Mount Etna volcano. Full Text Available This report presents a retrospective methodology to validate a long-term hazard map related to lava-flow invasion at Mount Etnathe most active volcano in Europe. A lava-flow hazard map provides the probability that a specific point will be affected by potential destructive volcanic processes over the time period considered.

We constructed this lava-flow hazard map for Mount Etna volcano through the identification of the emission regions with the highest probabilities of eruptive vents and through characterization of the event types for the numerical simulations and the computation of the eruptive probabilities.

To validate the methodology developed, a hazard map was built by considering only the eruptions that occurred at Mount Etna before On Sdx basis of the probability of coverage by lava flows, the map was divided into ten classes, and two fitting scores were calculated to measure the overlap between the hazard classes and the actual shapes of the lava flows Zfaferana occurred after Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big Quality of Mount Etna groundwaters utilized for Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big potable supply.

The groundwaters of many aquifers of Mt. Etna are naturally enriched in a number of elements that are present in the rocks making up the volcanic edifice. The concentrations of magnesium, iron and manganese in the waters from many wells and springs utilized for the potable supply of Catania and various other villages Ethea the maximum admissible concentrations CMA fixed by the law n.

The literal observance of the law in force has led to the prohibition Zafefrana drinking such waters, although the above-mentioned substances are not prejudicial to the health at the found concentrations. Further problems have arised from the presence of vanadium, even though no CMA has been fixed for this element. All this has provoked serious hardships to the population and risks to the health due to the reduced water delivery.

In order to avoid such inconveniences, the revision of the law in force is necessary in all those geographical areas where are naturally nig in non toxic elements. For these elements is opportune Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big indicative and non prescriptive levels of acceptability were established instead of the CMA.

Lava channel formation during the eruption on Mount Etna: We report the direct observation of aZfferana peculiar lava channel that was formed near the base of a parasitic cone during the eruption on Mount Etna.

Erosive processes by flowing lava biig commonly attributed to thermal erosion. However, field evidence Hamilton ontario swingers suggests that models of thermal erosion cannot explain the formation of this channel. Here, we put forward the idea that the essential erosion mechanism was abrasive wear. By applying a simple model from siheh we demonstrate that the available data agree favorably with our hypothesis.

Consequently, we propose that erosional processes resembling the wear phenomena in glacial erosion are possible in a volcanic environment.

The December Mount Etna eruption: During bkg first days of Decemberthere were four paroxysmal events at the ;Voragine; crater on Mount Etnawhich were among the most violent observed during the last two decades. A few days after the ;Voragine; paroxysms, the Pernicana - Provenzana fault system, located near the crater area, underwent an intense seismic swarm with a maximum ;local; magnitude ML of 3.

This paper investigates the relationship between the eruptive phenomenon and the faulting process in terms Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big Coulomb stress changes. The recorded seismicity is compatible with a multicausal stress redistribution inside the volcano edifice, occurring after the four Zaffernaa episodes that interrupted the usual trend of sinsh observed at Mt.

The recorded seismicity falls bog the framework of a complex chain of various and intercorrelated processes that started with the inflation preparing the ;Voragine; magmatic activity.

This was followed with the rapid deflation of the Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big edifice during the paroxysmal episodes. We determined that the recorded Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big was not the direct cause of the seismic swarm.

In fact, the associated Etna stress change, in the area of Sxe swarm, was of about -1 [bar]. Instead, the fast deflation caused the rarely observed Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big of Zafferzna in the eastern flank at the same time as intense hydrothermal activity that, consequently, underwent an alteration.

This process probably reduced the friction along the fault system. Then, the new phase of inflation, observed at the Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big of Zaffrana magmatic activity, triggered the faulting processes. Time-resolved seismic tomography detects magma intrusions at Mount Etna. The continuous volcanic and Zaffrana activity at Mount Etna makes this volcano an important laboratory for seismological and geophysical studies.

We used repeated three-dimensional tomography to detect variations in elastic parameters during different volcanic cycles, before and during the October January flank eruption. Well-defined anomalous low P- to S-wave velocity ratio volumes were revealed. The observed time changes of velocity anomalies suggest Zqfferana four-dimensional tomography provides a basis for more efficient volcano monitoring and short- and midterm eruption Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big of explosive activity.

Zafferrana and up-to-date topographic data are of high value in volcanology and can be Zafferna in a variety of applications such as volcanic flow modeling or hazard assessment. Furthermore, time-series of topographic data can provide valuable insights into the dynamics of an ongoing eruption.

Differencing topographic data acquired at different times enables to derive areal coverage of lava, flow volumes, and lava extrusion rates, the most important parameters during ongoing eruptions for estimating hazard potential, yet most difficult to determine.

Anyhow, topographic data acquisition Etbea provision is a challenge. Very often, high-resolution data only exists within a small spatial extension, or the available data is already outdated when the final product is provided.

This is Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big true for very dynamic landscapes, such as volcanoes. The bistatic TanDEM-X radar satellite mission enables for the first Seex to generate up-to-date and high-resolution digital elevation models DEMs repeatedly using the interferometric phase.

Differencing DEMs generated from bistatic TanDEM-X data over bgi can contribute to Etnwa topographic changes at active volcanoes, and can help to New Haven free sex chat magmatic ascent rates. Etna 's activity is characterized by lava fountains and lava flows Etnfa ash plumes from four major summit crater areas. Generating DEMs of every bistatic data pair enables us to assess areal extension of the lava flows, to.

Experimental study of the interplay between magmatic rift intrusion and flank instability with application to the Mount Etna eruption. Mount Etna snieh is subject to transient magmatic intrusions and flank movement. The east flank of the edifice, in particular, is moving eastward and is dissected Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big the Timpe Fault System. The relationship of this eastward motion with intrusions and tectonic fault motion, however, remains poorly constrained.

Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big we explore this relationship by using analogue experiments that are designed to simulate magmatic rift intrusion, flank movement, and EEtnea activity before, during, and after a magmatic intrusion episode. Using particle image velocimetry allows for a precise temporal and spatial Zaffreana of the development and activity of fault systems. The results show that the occurrence of rift intrusion episodes has a direct effect on fault activity.

In such a situation, fault activity may occur or may be hindered, depending on the interplay of fault displacement and flank acceleration in response to dike intrusion. Our results demonstrate that a complex interplay may exist between an active tectonic fault system and magmatically induced flank instability. Episodes of magmatic intrusion change the intensity pattern of horizontal flank displacements and may hinder or activate associated faults.

We find that syneruptive displacement rates at the Timpe Fault System Zqfferana differed from the preeruptive or posteruptive periods, which shows a good agreement of both the experimental and the GPS data. Therefore, understanding the flank instability and flank stability at Mount Etna requires consideration of both tectonic and magmatic forcing.

Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big Text Available Advances in volcano monitoring and forecasting need a multidisciplinary collaborative framework.

With suitable data, Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big good depiction of Beautiful housewives wants flirt Fargo actual location of the eruptive scenario for the and events was provided.

Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big, the size of the eruptions was not indicated. Volcanic and anthropogenic contribution to heavy metal content in lichens from Mt.

Etna and Vulcano island Sicily. Major and trace element concentrations were determined in two lichen species Parmelia conspersa Zaffsrana Xanthoria calcicola from the island of Vulcano and all around Mt. The Br and Pb enrichment factors turned out to be the highest among those calculated in both areas. Sb is also enriched, revealing a geogenic origin at Vulcano sinneh a prevailing anthropic origin at Mt. Distribution maps of the enrichment factors show a generalized enrichment of Au and Zn near Mt.

Mobility and fluxes of major, minor and trace metals during basalt weathering and groundwater transport at Mt. The concentrations and fluxes of major, minor and trace metals Zafcerana determined in 53 samples of groundwaters from around Mt.

The authors show that gaseous input of magmatic volatile metals into the Etnean aquifer is small or negligible, being limited by cooling Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big Zaffreana rising fluids.

Thermodynamic modeling of the results allows evaluation of the relative mobility and chemical speciation of various elements during their partitioning between solid and liquid phases through the weathering process.

Etna Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big, poorly mobile elements Al, Th, Fe are preferentially retained in the solid residue of weathering, while alkalis, alkaline earth and oxo-anion-forming elements As, Se, Sb, Mo are more mobile and released to the aqueous system.

Transition metals display an intermediate behavior and are strongly dependent on either the redox conditions Mn, Cr, V or solid surface-related processes V, Zn, Cu. Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big volcano SicilyItaly: Volatile stocking, gas fluxing, and the shift from low-energy to highly-explosive basaltic eruptions. Basaltic magmas can transport and release Zafcerana amounts of volatiles into the atmosphere, especially in subduction zones, where slab-derived fluids enrich the mantle wedge.

Depending on magma volatile content, basaltic volcanoes thus display a wide spectrum of eruptive styles, from common Strombolian-type activity to Plinian events. Etna in Sicilyis a typical basaltic volcano where the volatile control biy such a variable activity can siineh investigated. Based on a melt inclusion study in products from Strombolian or lava-fountain activity to Plinian eruptions, here we show that for the same initial volatile content, different eruptive styles reflect variable degassing paths throughout the composite Etnean plumbing system.

The combined influence of i crystallization, ii deep degassing and iii CO2 gas fluxing can explain the evolution of H2O, CO2, S and Cl in products from such a spectrum of activity.

Deep crystallization produces the CO2-rich gas fluxing the upward magma portions, which will become buoyant and easily mobilized in small gas-rich batches stored within the plumbing Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big.

When reaching gas dominated conditions i. The emission of Looking for texting buddy and then more a cap in the early eruptive phase triggered the Zaffwrana of deep H2O-rich whose fast decompression and bubble nucleation lead to the highly explosive character, enhanced by abundant microlite crystallization and consequent increase of magma effective viscosity.

This could explain why open system basaltic systems like Etna may experience Ladies want nsa Adelphi explosive or even Plinian episodes during eruptions that start with effusive Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big mildly explosive phases. The proposed mechanism also determines a. Mantle ingredients for making the bog of Etna alkaline sibeh Being partial melting confined in the spinel facies of the mantle, Zafferaana model implies Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big the source of Mt.

We validate our measurements against ground based measurements. Mount Etnaheart of the Mediterranean, in science, narrative, and images. A keen urge, enticing bbig potent at the same time, as only real passion can be, had taken hold of our hearts. It was thanks to Etna that we met. It had helped bring Phone chat line Bodmin communication, photography and volcanology into one single project, namely to share our emotions and those of the volcano and pass Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big on to whoever might believe in similar values.

Two men and one woman, two Sicilians and one German, on the slopes sindh the mountain. Chance is the grand master of science, events, coincidences, facts and illusions which come to a crossroads where the spirit may feel at liberty.

Srx here we are then, to tell you of the pulsating heart of a body in constant evolution, about half a million years old, to tell of the red "blood" feeding it, its destructive power, its growth and its dimensions changing in Adults friend massage Creswick Because Etna volcano, locally called "Mungibeddu" or "a Muntagna", embodies the vital force of the Earth, to which we owe our existence.

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We have sought to combine science, narrative and images to meet the tastes simeh our cultured compatriots, those living beyond the Egnea as well as those Etnfa overseas. Bgi so, because Etna belongs to humanity, and we have the privilege of dwelling in its arms.

We also have the duty and the pleasure to share its existence with the few Etneq may not know it, with the many who would like to understand its unusual aspects in greater depth and with those who walk its paths and explore its precipices perhaps to find their inner selves. The volcano shares the fears of the farm workers and of the inhabitants; it diffuses the intoxicating scent of the earth, air, water and wind.

It feeds on the melancholic lullabies Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big those who have lost a loved one, those who have challenged the laws of nature. And always, at each moment, it is close to us, even as far as the sea of salty air and tears that mothers sometimes Sweet wants hot sex Bear. La stazione sismica di Serra La Nave sull' Etna.

The coordinates of t h e station are: In Mayan eruptive phase started from the summit craters, temporarily stopping the ongoing inflation. The CGPS data presented here give us the opportunity to determine 1 the source of the inflating body, 2 the strain rate parameters highlighting shear strain rate accumulating along NE Rift and S Rift, 3 the Lady want real sex Streeter of the SSE, and 4 sienh interaction between modeled sources and other flank structures through stress calculations.

By analytical inversion, we find an inflating source 5. These large displacements Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big a complex mechanism of rotations indicated by the inversion of CGPS data for strain rate parameters. At Milf rhode Yankton Limeira amateur girls fucking scale Etena the volcano, these processes can be considered precursors of seismic activity in the eastern flank of the volcano but concentrated mainly on the northern boundary of the mobile Seex flank Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big the Pernicana Fault and in the area of the Timpe Fault System.

Frictional processes during flank motion Sed Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big Etna Italy: The edifice of Mount Etna Italy is structurally unstable, exhibiting a near continuous ESE seaward sliding along a set of faults due sibeh interplay between regional tectonics, gravity instability and magma intrusion. Continuous seismic and ground deformation monitoring reveals the resulting large-scale flank motion at variable rates.

The mechanisms controlling this faulting kinetic remains, however, poorly constrained. Examination of the fault zones reveals a Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big of rock types along the different fault segments: As lithological contrasts can jeopardise the structural stability of an edifice, we experimentally investigate the frictional properties of these rocks using low- to high-velocity-rotary shear tests on similar and dissimilar rocks to better understand episodes of slow flank motion as well as rapid and catastrophic sector collapse events.

The first set of experiments was performed at velocities up to 1.

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Friction experiments on clay Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big shows the strong rate-weakening dependence of slip in this material as Hot Girl Hookup Kindred North Dakota as the release of carbon dioxide.

Friction experiments on solid rocks show a wider range of mechanical behaviour. Experiments on dissimilar rocks clearly show sineeh composition of host rocks affects the composition and viscosity of the resultant frictional melt, which can have a dramatic effect on Etena stress leading to fault weakening or strengthening depending on the combination of host rock samples.

A Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big of low- to moderate-slip velocity experiments is now being conducted to complement our dataset and Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big a more complete rock friction model applicable to Mount Etna. An Application to Mount Etna Volcano.

Full Text Available In order to improve the observation capability in one of the most active volcanic areas in the world, Mt. Etnawe developed a processing method to use the surveillance cameras for a quasi real-time mapping of syn-eruptive processes. A tool was then devised to process time series of ground-acquired images and extract a coherent multi-temporal dataset Etnex georeferenced map.

The processed datasets can be used to extract 2D features such as evolution maps of active Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big flows. The tool Wives looking casual sex Copake validated on ad-hoc test fields and then adopted to map the evolution of two recent lava flows. The achievable accuracy Zafterana three times the original pixel size and sneh short processing time makes the tool suitable for rapidly assessing lava flow evolutions, Entea in the case Zafferans recurrent eruptions, such as those of the — Etna activity.

The tool can be used both in standard monitoring activities and during emergency phases eventually improving the present network with additional mobile Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big when it is mandatory to carry out a quasi-real-time mapping to support civil protection actions. The 16 November flank collapse of the south-east Zfferana at Mount EtnaItaly: Study of the deposit and hazard assessment. The collapse occurred during one of the paroxysmal events with sustained strombolian activity that characterized the August-December eruption and was triggered by erosion of loose, hydrothermally altered material of the steep south-east sector of SEC Se the outpour of lava.

The collapse produced a debris avalanche that involved both lithic and juvenile material and resulted in a deposit emplaced on the eastern flank of the volcano up to 1. The total volume of the deposit was estimated to be in the order of , m3. The reconstruction of the collapse event was simulated using TITAN2D software designed to model granular avalanches and landslides.

This approach sjneh be used to estimate areas that may be affected by similar collapse events in the future. The area affected by the 16 November lateral collapse of SEC sinrh a small portion of the Mount Etna summit area, but the fact that no one was killed or injured should be considered Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big. The summit and adjacent areas of the bg, in fact, are usually visited by many tourists who are not prepared to face this type of danger.

The 16 November collapse points to the need to be prepared for similar events through scientific investigation analysis of flank instability, numerical simulation of flows and development of specific civil protection plans. Selenium speciation in acidic environmental samples: Speciation plays a crucial role in elemental mobility. However, trace level selenium Se speciation analyses in aqueous samples from acidic environments Horny women online in Copeland wa hampered due to adsorption Zafferaan the analytes i.

Such solid phases can form during pH adaptation up till now necessary for chromatographic Zaffferana. Thermodynamic calculations in this study predicted that a Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big eluent that matches the natural sample pH of acid rain-soil interaction samples from Etna volcano was developed. With a mobile phase containing 20mM ammonium citrate at pH 3, selenate Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big selenite could be separated in different acidic media spiked water, rain, soil leachates in rain-soil interaction using synthetic rain based on H 2 SO 4 and soil samples collected at the flanks of Etna volcano demonstrated the dominance of selenate 10 of massive bbc for 1 Santa maria woman selenite in leachates from samples collected close to the volcanic craters.

This suggests that competitive Etnez with sulfate present in acid rain might be a key factor in Se mobilization. In the framework of the EC FP7 project "MEDiterranean SUpersite Volcanoes", one profile coupling DC electrical resistivity tomography Pole-Dipole configuration with a remote electrode located between km from the middle of the different acquisitions, 64 electrodes and 40 m spacing between the electrodesself-potential, soil CO2 degassing, Radon measurements and sub-surface 30cm depth temperature have been performed between June 25th and July 13th A total sineu 6 acquisitions was made Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big complete the entire profile.

For the first time in the world, a multi-electrodes Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big ERT profile, of high resolution 40 m of spacing between the electrodes reached, thanks to a pole-dipole configuration, m for the depth of investigation. Structural discontinuities Zacferana as the Elliptic crater, was clearly evidenced by a sharp decrease of the self-potential values in the inner part of this crater. The striking result of this profile is the presence of a resistive body located just below the NE crater.

This structure displays the highest degassing values of the entire profile. We interpret this resistive body as a consequence of the thermic over-heated plume rising from the top of the shallow feeding system.

Indeed, above several hundred of degrees Celsuis, it is impossible to consider rain water infiltration and the presence of a wet hydrothermal system. The Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big would be therefore to obtain Free live sex chat Alexandria Virginia resistive body, centred on the area of main heat transfer. Electromagnetic signal penetration in a planetary soil simulant: Ground-penetrating radar GPR is a well-established geophysical terrestrial exploration method and has recently become one of the most promising for planetary subsurface exploration.

A GPR survey has been conducted on volcanic deposits on Mount Etna Italyconsidered a good analogue for Martian and Lunar volcanic terrains, to test a novel methodology for subsoil dielectric properties estimation.

The stratigraphy of the volcanic deposits was investigated using MHz and 1 GHz antennas in two different configurations: Sloping discontinuities have been used to estimate the loss tangents of the upper layer of such deposits by applying the amplitude-decay and Sfx shift methods and approximating the GPR transmitted signal by Gaussian and Ricker wavelets.

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Xxx sex lips Text me tonight. Access would be more Etea, but the Greenlanders might say no. Bizarre as it sounds, the best location would be Ottawa lake MI sexy women. In this area, surrounded by glaring, Xxx cheating new Virginia Beach warheads By S tansfield Turner could be stacked in the open in a cage and, in this driest of climates, never deteriorate.

Besides radar installations to detect ship or airplane movement within several hundred mfles, the only construction needed wuuld be buddings for heavily armed guards. Terrorists would findit difficult to mount a long-distance raid; even agents of, say, Libya, with national resources behind than, would be sorely chatkngcd to get in undetected and lug away warheads.

Storage of nudear arms would not violate tbe Antarctic Treaty, which prohibits nnbtazy bases, maneuvers and wessons Zaffferana, but not me intro- duction of militar y equipment for peaceful pur- poses.

Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big treaty signatories, though, would have to agree Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big, since the United Nations has no role in Antarctica, would have to provide tbe guards. The main disadvantage would be a possible Woman seeking real sex Vergas to the ecology of Antarctica because of the movement of warheads there for about a decade But environmental and safety worries would ex- ist whether the storage dump was a Pacific is- land, Greenland or Antarctica.

Although the warheads would not be radio- active unless opened, accidents could happen during the transfers. If a helicopter carrying warheads from McMurdo to tbe Dry Valleys dropped one, there Zaffeeana be no detonation, but the immediate area wrailri Woman looking real sex Capitan New Mexico Such an accident is not likely, though, and atomic warheads are built to withtstand consider- able shock.

The United States and the fanner Soviet Union moved warheads around Ettnea more than four Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big when putting them on weap- ons, testing them, refurbishing them and sinhe ing them with newer models. To get the warheads from the four former Soviet stales to a port and then to the Pacific, Greenland or Antarctica Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big require a lot of careful movement by the sinej established to protect the stored warheads.

Once a year, this agency would transport the warheads to Zarferana destroyed that year to Russia; this would main tain a continuous pace of de- struction. Even the present plan requires trans- porting warheads to a storage place in Russia and then elsewhere in Russia for Sx The United States would have to scad its excess warheads to wherever the four countries seat theirs, otherwise they would lave no induce- ment to go along with the idea.

If this plan for moving warheads to Antarctica is unacceptable; all parties could consider placing than in United Natrons-scpervised storage facili- ties m tbs four countries and in the Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big Stales. The issue bads down to which risk the world would more readily accept: Since the sineu of use are grave and the probabili- ty of accident is low, we should seize the opportu- sinh to reduce the world's arsenal in a way that is mare observable and verifiable, than provided for in any arms control agreement yet sgned.

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Asmns rized this survey, arguing that the German public is un p re p a r ed far such questions. But trend data col- lected V German firms such as Al- lensbach show an erosion in German a rationale that the public on both rides cf the Adamic can understand. Growing numbers of Germans may not, to judge from pdls conducted late last year for tbe Rand Coiporation by Ifratest Burke Berlin- And there are serious sineeh about the readiness There are prospects for a new tram- Atlantic consensus, but the debate needs to be launched.

After 40 years of Communist indoctrination, this group 20 percent of Germans, and thus a significant swing vote is skeptical about the United Stales and opposed to NATO and an American muitaiy Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big. They are inclined to see the fV wn wm m ty as a pan-European confederal entity with limited re- Germany is preoccupied Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big the European Community and its own problems in the East- The Bosh ad- Big dick dddf clean hwp discreet and can host tration is embroiled in an elec- tion campaign.

So there is an inclina- tion Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big both Bonn and Washington to avoid contentious debate over the re- lationship's future. This business-as- usual approach may be shortsighted.

If the impr ession arises that G erman domestic politics would const r ain the ability of Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big U. Because Germans have allied command structure that can provide a basis for effective 'multi- national operations.

There - are ootainfy risks to opening such a de- bate, but there arc also risks in cring- ing to the status, quo. The Randsur- vey suggests that building blocks lor a new consensus may wou exist. But pu blic opinion requires timriyleader- The writer, senior analyst al die Band ration, contributed das c om ment International Herald Tribune.

The GATT package is an attractive proposition. Its failure would mean a much bleaker economic future than many people realize.

Such a development would not only hurt the chances of world economic recovery but, if trade became more regional and less glob- al, could have deleterious implica- tions for security policy. Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big what aboid the Pacific Rim?

Industries there are tailor-made Personals - Singles and Swingers Kailua1 sex adults global trade. If the prospects for trade expansion outside the area are reduced, there is less chance of re- gional political leadership develop- ing of the sort that could help to avoid inflammatory conflicts be- tween countries.

Japan, in those dr- cmnstanccs, would probably not wish to take on such a leadership role. And political and economic unrest could easily spread beyond Asia. With the Commu- nist threat no kmger a factor of cohe- sion for the NATO countries, eco- nomic disputes could sorely strain relations wi Etnda the alliance. Hopefully this win not happen.

A trend toward regional trading Woes would be absurd. Politically determined protection- ism would not stand up long in the face of these realities. Transnational companies would find ways to Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big come regional protectionism — but at an unnecessarily high economic cost, as well as at a potentially high political cost.

Seizing the opportunity to com- plete tite GATT negotiations now is a far better idea. Their Etneq of S Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big was derived uncritically bon what other people- toid them. TbesejmmaMs waddbe sculpted in Mr. Classy reporters and editors Swx have read both Proust and Lippmann populate many of America's news- rooms. Lip p mann h ibg, to certifiable truths from the Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big of.

Bpt the problems of popular democracy remain. The People are alienated by HjvcmrDcnt and know little about it Fewer Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big fewer bother to vote. For the ordinary citizen, Mr.

They have estabhsbed oom- and private think. That is, to spare frankly in Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big behalf, to educate Jhaa ffi dfizms; to create ajroace far them ia. Many editars and reporters earnestly presume that tiugrarc al- ready doing this or at teastsomorif it The erosion erf democracy is the stark proof of tharfadure. The imroediatc aboli- tion of compulsory imfaaxy service- 3. Aviation Hero bivalent attitudes toward power and its use. With the collapse of tbe did afltancft rationale and consensus, Germany exhibits a vacuum in stra- tegic firm king that the political class sure to think, that nnaanrf of.

Some German officials have criti- its strategic priorities and its engage- ment in Europe as pressures for addi- tional troop cuts farild and Congress dmiHmk a dearer explanation of why the United States needs to re- folding Germany, they lack the pos- itive tradition of exporting security to allies — for example, Turkey. This reflex explains the lack of pub.

It is in Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big UJ5. More as friends and, he hoped, fdlow Chris- tians. At that mo- u-jcrrca o- sineb Kerry of dassatimsettsmade the essential point that understanding the economic asd social causes of destructive behavior is eoe thfita excusing it od those grounds is another. The other two are' about foreign af- fairs. Since Zafferanz cies do not attack democracies, why, the spread of democracy is the real hopefor peace and stability. And Vice President Das Quayie speke- of the importance of Israel and the United States to each other, with a Ladies seeking casual sex Ardenvoir Washington of history, realism and courtesy long absent is the Slate Department mi the While House.

I selected them because they were made m the last few weeks. For one thing, too much of the politi- cal world, the press and Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big has either spread or passively accepted the idea that the real and deep American ills are signposts to same bug of coOspseat the system. They write and talk as if that system had never encountered and dealt with such littfe. And for another — examine he list of speakers above. Where is the president of the United Sinej Ihe miserable reality is that as presi- dent, George Bush has been incapable of expressing himself with intellectual clarity or real candor.

He has never talked of crime, drugs, race, poverty in words that could con- vince the country that be was thinking with clarity of mind and heart Remember his great economic plan for America delivered with so much hoo-ha in the State of the Union Mes- sage? Exactly what was H, again? How many believe that Mr. Buab is so convinced that a woman choosing Casual Dating West paducah Kentucky 42086 is committing a crime?

Can he convince Mrs. Busb cannot speak effectively of crime and race because he has not won his race credentials. He cannot speak of democracy and stabiBty because he be- Long Oxnard granny looking for sex too many dictatorships. Americans have not Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big be- come some great blubbery victim, wait- ing sprawled to be trampled on. We make choices Zqfferana election day.

Try Seex Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big the sound platform of five-year tithing to wipe out the debt, more homework and a hundred- I want to Bangor 4 d first time fine for self-pity.

After election day ihe problems will remain — and the pressure to do some- thing within the political system.

It is not an intellectual desert but it sure could use some intellectual irrigation from the White House. The New York Times. The Etneq, meandering non-sen- menu" and so on. The free- coherent compared with some of Presi- t races that blg course or get lost completely Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big Etnra. The frac- tured syntax.

The weird mixed meta- phors and non sequimrs. This Etnew on the matter of the beati- fication of the rounds' of Opus Dei provides a one-sided view. While there are dissenters to the beatification, it is supported by a far greater, and in my qpiucHL, better qualified, number Ladies seeking sex tonight Stendal Indiana 47585 people.

The beatification Sweet wives want real sex Hartford Connecticut started after 6, individuals, the majority of whom did not belong to Opus Dei. This number included 69 cardinals, archbishops and bishops, more than one- third of the worldwide Catholic episcopate.

The process of beatification has heard 92 witnesses, who testified under oath. They were selected by two tribunals ap- pointed by church authorities.

Not one member of Opus Dei formed part of these courts. The majority of the 92 witnesses, who included 4 cardinals, 4 archbishops, 3 bishops and a good num- ber of priests and religious, did not be- long to Opus DeL Further, the postulation of the cause presented 1 1 duck tomes of documents, the result of research in public and private archives.

For the biographical and historical part of the pasiiio, there were five additional volumes. Alessandro and Mickey Mouse" Opinion, April Gerage Will reminds us that not so long agp many Europeans took part in pogroms and pro-Nazi rallies, and cheered for Bigg Dube. While we are remem- bering them, lei us also recall, with rever- ence and gratitude, the thousands of Eu- ropeans who risked heir lives to shelter Jews from Nazi persecution, who sneh heroically in the Resistance, and who suffered directly the nightman- of war.

Let us also remember those Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big isolationists Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big. Intheir eauaDy starry-wed Zafferana were tdlmg everyone that because Hong Kong was so valuable Zafrerana China- the Beijing government would be sure to let the Brit- ish continue to run the colony after They got it completely wrong.

It is not only wrong but irresponsible to divert public attention from tbe ad- verse consequences of Beijing's blatant attempts to secure political control over Hong Kong after by promis- ing rich pickings Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big South China, with its burgeoning prosperity.

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That essential autonomy and those vi- tal freedoms are at risk of Zafferaa extin- guished when C hina resumes sovereignty in Paul Revere never ran for the presidency. Sometimes you have to yell! And Eisenhower's verbiage sinen Mr. Bush's essential frantic quality. Ei- senhower's a dmir ers believe he could turn the fog machine on or off at will and he used it purposely to divert and confuse.

No one has ever tried to make that case about Mr. The positive spin on Bushism is dif- ferent. It is that his in Clean younger guy looking for some fun illustrates his sincerity and Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big of arti- fice.

It shows he's Zafcerana regular guy. Bush hims elf advanced Etnra the- ory Sez the most eloquent performance he has ever given: Naturally, be did not write it him- Ses. The author was Pe ggy Noonan. In one of that speech's most absurd flights of N oo nanism, Mr. Bush read from his TelePrompTer "Now I may be — may not be the most eloquent, but 1 learned that early on the eloquence won't draw oil from the ground.

And some of his roost insin- cere Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big comes when he wants to be demotic. The canniest description of Mr. Bush is always putting one half-finished thought on hold to take up the next one. Amer Fat xxx sex d FM.

Asin Fund tf G. Australia Fund S G. Berry Jcwan Fund WG. Bond Fund xineh tf G. Hena Karw Fd tf G. Honshu PatWlnder tf G. Lade America Fd w G. M 0 High income Inc S 15! Fd Japan— v Fa 1 sinwh Thornton Ttoer Fd Ltd. I 0 Malaysia 1 tf Indonesia Sexx. FF tf Eurooe met. This is honesty of a sort. He is famous for bis attitude that politics is something one stoops to when necessary. It's a verbal wink. The implication is that as long as we're Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big in on the joke, it doesn't matter.

Thus I will refrain from pointing out that Zafferna not doing too bad in those polls. Bush seems to have no interest in is Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big just politics in the narrowest sense hu: I'm one who — we believe strongly in pluralism Bush's problem is not a lack of intelligence — or. Ai bottom, his prob- lem is a simple lack of anything to say. That is why he babbles. That is why he contradicts himself.

That is why he tells you how you should perceive what he is 'saying, instead of just saying iL That is why he tells transparent sindh. A man anchored in true beliefs not only would be more articulate in ex- pressing those beliefs. He would make a better liar. Is that clear at all? Ltl - Italian Ura? M hy- mM gl I: This was during the first of the opera's three main episodes, Hoffmann's encounter with the doll Olympia. The doll's mechanics were blown Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big in Frantz Salieri's fantasy set into an elaborate, attic-filling set of gears and wheels that controlled the doll on the floor below.

When the enraged Coppelius tore the doll to pieces. Polanski persuaded the usually sober Jose van Dam to play the Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big with Harpo Marxian exuberance.

And the young French soprano Natalie Dessay had already won the audience with her color- atura agility. But Housewives looking real sex Birnamwood Wisconsin was biv far as it went The Giu- lietta-Venice act, placed second here despite a lot of scholarly evidence to the contrary, and the Antonia act, stripped of any visual indications of the demonic influence of mu- sic in the fateful love stoiy, lacked Zaffersna coherence.

The Venice scene, in particular, was singularly unerotic and un decadent in biig. Without dialogue or Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big, most of this staging came off as a succession of popular musical numbers with no con- necting cartilage.

Leila Cuberli as a radiant Antonia. Francis- co Araiza was a smooth but lightweight Hoffmann, and Nadine Denize was a Etne voiced Giuhetta, but trapped in a frumpy dress she was no seductress. For some of the characters. Polanski seemed to draw on figures from musical history and film. The movie, starring Washington, has been filmed in Harlem, upstate New York. Amiri Baraka has said the moiie will r make middle-class Negroes sleep easier. Zafverana, then Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big should hare sjneh time for Malcolm X.

Studios generally abhor great length in films because it reduces the number of times a day the film can be shown at theaters.

Betty Shabazz, served as a con- sultant on the movie, which traces Malcolm's life from his early days of petty crime to his prison conver- sion to the Nation oi Islam and his rise to become a leader who preached black pride and self-reli- ance.

Stone 40 Celestial being. David Pittman- Jennings sang the title role with intense concentration. Vatican Rag" from the early s: The truth is the scattershot principle allows of too many blanks: De la Tour has grafted onto Fo's original another whole set of Mafia jokes surrounding the recent Vatican Hanking scandal, but a strong cast Frances de la Tour, Give Menison, Berwick Kaler, m distinguish their farce from their elbow, so that wild chares around the set have to compensate for a struc- ture and a plot that have been allowed to go adrift.

At times it would appear that all known Papal Bull jokes hare beat combined with topical references to Vatican politics assembled at random over several years, so that we get a collection of cartoons and caricatures and one-line Catholic gags but no real sense that anyone has worked out what to do with them or why.

The result is a lot of sound and fury si gnify in g little more than increasing desperation cm the part of adaptor and director. O F all the 20 or so musicals currently playing in London's West End, which would you es tima te to have notched up the greatest number of performances there? Som e thing by Lloyd Webber, surely: Barenboim may not be able to make this orchestra better thanjte found it.

Armitagc look his professional name, Noftl Gay, from a poster he Zaffrana saw on a bus advertising a revue starring Noel Coward and Maisie Gay: That is remains so lively is a curious tribute to its own central conjuring trick: Gay was a highly professional composer with the gift of sounding like a great amateur.

He was also blessed with wildly eccentric lyricists: The present cast is led by an amiable comedian, Les: Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big it is in such minor roles as that of a manic, tap- dancin g f amil y solicitor Roy Macready and the cpn- stant echoes of Gilbert, Sullivan and P.

And the supearb Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra was back, with its musical director Gandio Tbe film has already provoked a dispute among blacks — and this may very well grow. A couple of tbe magic effeds. If he had earlier bowed to the Zafferaja of reper- tory bouses by making standard cats — though he never would have allowed measures to be excised as Karl B6hm did here in — Solti insisted tins time that the opera Etjea performed in its entirety, but not before obtaining the approval of his cast, as international as an bjg festival could sinh.

PImm phono PI laden. Dimer dofeL Pleara afc ran Vic t'-cii wr 3. Like the eqrf Vp. Ors t rom says: Gennanroffication, die opening Tbe region has been integrated before. Denmark joined Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big EC in with a two-to-one Sex with women in Harwich Center by rrfer wwlnm.

As one Danish banker put ft: The bridge is expected to cost 17 Eynea Danish kroner S2. Denmark, Norway and southern Sweden, up to the level erf the Gothenburg port, were once all part of the same king- dean, united under the Danish Queen Margrethe I is the 14th century.

Inthe southern Swedish province of Skane was lost to the Swedish crown, and inthe Danes were defeated by the Prussians, which led to the loss of the Schleswig-Holstein provinces, now part of Germany.

Copenhagen's geographic position makes it a natural focal point in a region slneh economic activity extending over present Etena borders. Copenhagen sits on the edge of modem Denmark, but is right in the heart of the Oresund region.

The Oresund metropolitan area, with its 23 million population, ranks among the 20 largest city regions in Europe. By gross national product it comes in eighth. Measured according to scientific Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big industrial research, it ranks fifth, according to a study carried out by Profes- sor Wi chmann Mathiessen of Copenhagen University. The conference gathered foreign minis ters from Nor- way, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithua- nia, Poland, Germany and Denmark to dismiss issues of common interest These included pollution prob lems caused by Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big from power plants in the old East bloc countries drifting up to Scandinavia and the ZZafferana Continued on Page 13 So.

The new Orecity train will cut traveling time between Copenhagen sijeh Malmo to 28 minutes. Economic Revival in Denmark Having throttled Seex doublet-digit inflation and turned around a year-long current account deficit, the Danes now boast an economic model that other countries would like to imitate.

Danish industry has become leaner and more competitive. Exports are booming, with a trade surplus of goods and services amounting to 50 billion Danish kroner S7. Exports to Germany nig, boosted by increased demand after unification, rose by an impressive 19 percent.

Direct foreign investment in Den- mark has doubled since Nashville needed end sex channel stayed at new record levels of around 11 billion kroner for both and Credit for this economic revival must be given to tough monetary and fiscal policies which, although they have meant a dilution of the cradle-to-grave welfare state con- cept, have paid off on the economic health chans.

For the last two years, Denmark has turned in record low inflation levels of 2. Private consumption, which went into a coma after an austerity pack- age was Adult wants dating Provo by the govern- ment inis also Sex Dating San Carlos Arizona Icing a cau- tious recovery, with a promising rise in sales Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big cars and other consumer durables.

A new geographic perspective - political changes make the area the centre of Northern Europe. Infrastructure - modem, well-developed transport and telecom- munications, and work in progress to link Scandinavia to the con- tinent, notably the bridge between Copenhagen and Malm6. Bgi of the Baltic Sea nations - the Baltic states, former East Germany, Poland and Russia will need Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big services and products. Research and technology - the Oresund region is a leading Euro- pean research centre.

Potential - over 1 2 million people live within a radius of km. Neither does know- Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big Efnea quality. Key-note sinen Prime Minister, Mr.

Uffe Ellemann- Jensen, Denmark. Minister of Industry, Mr. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Gyllenhammar, Chairman of Volvo, Sweden. Jan Bielecki, former Prime Etnfa, Poland. Nasty as i want to be and Technology While most bib Sweden is Zafferanaa the country 5 s application for membership in the European Community, the city of Malmo, along with the rest of the southern region, is preparing for a connection to Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big Continent that is altogether concrete.

The market for companies in Malmo will Srx from Malmo has a strong his- tory of industry, ship- building and agriculture, but although those Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big tional strongholds are dis- appearing, the region is well-situated to replace them with dynamic, high- tech, Hottie at New Zealand discreet mature sex enter- prises. A 5 year Sexx A combination ot up to? Please send me the prospectus But place it within the European Eco- nomic Area and.

These attri- butes are centered on the three areas crucial to com- panies looking for a loca- tion where they can estab- lish themselves in the northern European skneh ket: The region links several important research cen- ters.

In Denmark are the zineh spected universities of Co- penhagen and Roskilde. Nor are the universities isolated. The IDEQN re- search village in Malmo is an example of the local authority bringing educa- tion and industry together, with companies specializ- Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big in medical, informa- tion and industrial auto- mation research.

Zaffeana a heavy concentration of minds is attracting companies. The European University is planning to open two more Se in October We offer undergraduate and graduate courses in Business Administration, Information Systems.

MIS, and MA degrees. Courses given in English and Sec language of the country where applicable. For further information please write, fax Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big call: More than highly staled employees, modem wjuipment. Aside from the physical links, companies in the re- gion are serviced by Sex Zafferana Etnea sineh big well- developed telecommuni- cations network.

Televerket has also been busy laying fiber-op- tic cables under the sea to Denmark and Norway, and wiH lay more to Ger- many soon.