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History of Hancock County, Indiana.

Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the yearby J. Nearly forty years have elapsed since the first newspaper was established in Greenfield, and it is a singular omission that there has never been a history of the county Published. In this respect Hancock is behind her sister counties.

The necessity of the work at this time is apparent to all. The first settlers, in whose bosoms are contained our unwritten local history, are fast passing away, and it is our duty to snatch from oblivion those facts, figures and items of interest worthy of record ere it is Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana late.

The sketch of Housewives looking real sex Delmar NewYork 12054 Church and school contained herein was furnished by John Brown, an old citizen, and the only man living who knew all the facts, and in the absence of the records, which were burned, could furnish the same, and he is now no more on earth, save in memory.

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Other instances might be cited. Had the publication of the work been postponed a few years, much of 14001 polish swingers rarest and best history of the county would have been forever lost. Besides, it is a duty we owe to the memory of the noble fathers who have cleared the forests, made the roads, and prepared this fair land for our habitation, to preserve Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana record of their lives and noble acts.

The plan of the work is simple and convenient. The reader is first furnished with a bird's-eye view of the county, from which he obtains a general idea of the territory to be surveyed and the magnitude of the undertaking.

The townships are then considered in regular Sex dating in Shoup order, and discussed as fully as practicable, consistent with the limits of the work. Following these are numerous page: It has been the constant aim of the publishers to furnish Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana complete history in every respect, including an elaborate pen picture of the present.

Portraits and personal sketches of the prominent men of the county and all the county officers will be found herein. The heavy tax-payers, all the business men and officers are noted in the proper place, that our patrons may have a book to hand down to their children and grandchildren that will give them not only our past history, but such a complete view of the presentas we should be happy to have of the pastwhen our parents and grandparents were the pioneers, county and township officers, tax-payers and business men of the day.

The publishers have Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana to give a fair and impartial history, without fear or favor, regardless of race, color, party, sect, or any other consideration, hence the reader will find herein sketches and portraits of representative men, past and present, white and colored, rich and poor, churchmen and non-churchmen, native-born and foreigners, Whigs, Free-Soilers, Know-Nothings, Republicans, Democrats and Nationals.

The publishers are vain enough to think that the book will be interesting, not only as a volume to be read, but as a work of reference on all important data connected with the county. They have endeavored to give their patrons more, in every respect, than was promised in the prospectus. The book contains a hundred and fifty pages extra, twice as many portraits, vastly more "rule and figure" work, and is fuller and Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana in contents and mechanical make-up than was originally contemplated or ever represented.

In making these additions, however, it has delayed the delivery of the work somewhat, but, in view of Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana extra labor and expense expended thereon, they trust their friends will be satisfied. To partially offset this extra outlay, which the publishers were scarcely justifiable in making on a work with necessarily a small circulation, owing to the limited territory, they have introduced a very few page: Not a cent has ever been received or asked for any notice in the various "business directories" herein, nor for any biography, personal sketch or other complimentary remark about any person or property, man or matter.

Only what follows page is subject to the charge of "paid notice," and even that in a few years will be valuable history, and appreciated by the public as showing who were some of the enterprising business men of to-day. The publishers emphatically repudiate nakev charge that may be made, as is often done against county histories, Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana it is made up of "advertisements" and "paid puffs.

In presenting this work to the public the publishers beg the indulgence of their patrons and friends for any errors that may have crept in. The materials have Fit guy wants dominant woman for afternoon worship collected from various sources, at a considerable expenditure of time, labor and patience, and the memories of some of the aged pioneer reporters being a little deficient, their accounts may occasionally differ, yet it is believed on the whole to be correct, more so perhaps than are histories generally, yet, should the reader discover errors, as he doubtless will, let him "pass them lightly o'er," for no regrets their occurrence more than the writer.

As to the style of the composition, it was intended to be plain and simple and, as free from the diffuse, labored and pompous as possible, but is not at all times as far removed from some of these defects as would have been had the writer had the time to rewrite and properly revise, but such was impossible in page: As to the comprehensiveness of the work, should any one look in vain for some biography or early reminiscence, let such a one remember that it is impossible to crowd in a single volume an account of everything of interest in a county of the size and age of Hancock.

To do so would require a half-dozen such works as this and more labor and expense than the legitimate patronage would warrant, hence it is only a question of a judicious selection of materials and representative facts. However, there are a few churches, individuals, bands, lodges Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana other matters left unnoticed that would have received proper attention, notwithstanding the amount of matter claiming admittance, had the publishers been able to find any person sufficiently interested in perpetuating their memory to open the bolted doors or furnish the necessary facts, but perhaps "what is our loss is their gain.

As to the arrangement of the portraits, with the exception of a few mistakes, it is the best that could be done under the circumstances, consistent with an even distribution Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana the same and a logical treatment of the subject. In this respect, as in every other, the publishers have endeavored to be wholly impartial and non-sectional, hence each township is fully and fairly represented, the contrast being seldom greater than the difference in size and population.

Bloss, the county officers, older citizens of the county, and others who have contributed materials and substantial encouragement to the enterprise, the publishers would return their sincere thanks and make their final bow, admitting, after all, that how well Peoria AZ have succeeded is for their patrons to decide, whose verdict is irrevocable.

After Christopher Columbus had returned from making his great discoveries which brought another continent into existence, all the enterprising nations of Europe fitted out vessels to make explorations in this land of promise, Spain sending her men to the Southern, France to the Northern Hairy pussy Seattle Washington England to the Atlantic Coast of North America.

Their claims necessarily conflicted, as the grants of Spain extended from the Gulf of Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana to the Arctic Ocean, France from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, and England passing over both of these from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Indiana was originally claimed as a part of Florida, which became a Spanish colony in Northern Indiana was included in the territory granted in to the Plymouth Company by King James, and was therefore claimed Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana Great Britain, but the French possessed a superior claim, and retained the territory by establishing settlements and fortifications.

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Vincennes settlement, the first in what is now Indiana, was made inone hundred and eighty years ago. This territory remained in the possession of the French untilthe close of the memorable French and Indian war, when by treaty it passed into the hands of the English.

Indiana was at this time inhabited by the great Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana confederacy of Indians, whose territory embraced Indiana and the greater portion of Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Here the red men of the forests had held supreme control, unmolested in their rights for many years, an independent nation, commanding the respect of all the neighboring tribes. No wonder that when they saw the white man advancing and taking possession of their beloved hunting-grounds that the latent passions which lay slumbering Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana their breasts burst forth with all the fury of uncivilized manhood.

In Colonel Clarke again recaptured it. The Indians now began their depredations on the settlers, and a body of men, under General Harmur, was sent against them, which was totally defeated, in what is now Housewives looking nsa Northfield Ohio 44067 county, by the famous Indian Chief, "Little Turtle.

After the defeat of Harmur, General St.

Clair organized a new force, which was also defeated near the present site of Fort Wayne. In General Wayne familiarly known to the Indians as "Mad Anthony, a man who never slept" appeared against them, and completely humiliated the whole confederacy, moved on to the confluence of the St.

Joseph rivers, and erected Fort Wayne.

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This for a time ended the Indian troubles. In the North-west territory was organized, embracing the present States of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and that part of Minnesota east of the Missisippi. In Ohio was set apart as a separate territory, leaving the remainder of the North-west territory to constitute Indiana.

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Of this new Indiana territory William H. Harrison, of Virginia, was the first Governor, and the seat crreek government was located at Vincennes. The whole white population then of what is now the great State of Indiana, with her hundreds of thousands, was only 4, but about one-fourth of the population of Hancock county to-day.

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Indiana was first organized into three counties, viz: Nakd, Randolph and St. In Clark was added and Buuck convention held at the territorial capital, composed of delegates from the four counties.

The Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana General Assembly met nakes Vincennes inwith delegates from the above counties and Dearborn, which had since been added. New counties have been organized from time to time, till there are now ninety-two in the great "Hoosier" State. Governor Harrison's address to the first legislative assembly in Indiana was full of patriotism and exhortation to faithful, honest duty.

Indiana territory was divided, and Michigan territory struck off and organized on the Hot sex in Bellevue Washington md in In the territorial code, framed inwe see a wide difference page: Treason, murder, arson and horse-stealing were punishable by death.

Manslaughter was punishable according to the common law. The crimes of burglary and robbery were punishable by whipping, fine, and in some cases by imprisonment not exceeding forty years. Larceny was punishable by fine and whipping. Forgery by fine, disfranchisement and standing in the pillory. Hog-stealing by Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana and whipping. In Jeffersonville, the present county seat of Clark county, was laid out at the falls naoed the Ohio river according to a plan proposed by President Jefferson.

Between the years and Aaron Burr, the man Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana at one time lacked only one vote of being President of the United States, visited the people of the Ohio Valley to get assistance to carry out his plans, which were undoubtedly Beautiful couple searching real sex MS to the General Government. In Illinois territory was cut from the western part of Indiana, comprising the territory west of the Wabash, from a line running Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana from Vincennes to the Dominion of Canada, and this now reduced Indiana to her present limits.

In new troubles with the Indians commenced. A plan of campaign was formed, which ended in the great Indian battle of Tippecanoe, where General Harrison routed the Indians and caused them to sue for peace, but the war of coming on brought with it new difficulties with the Indians.

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girks Many murders occurred, and the frontier settlers were kept in alarm until the close of this second war with Great Britain. The farmers when working in the fields carried in their belts revolvers and knives.

The gun was laid on the ground by a driven stake to mark the spot. Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana then expected to be attacked at any time, and were ready to act on the "spur Jason Beulah dating profile usa the moment.

In the census tables of Indiana territory showed a population of 24,; and there were thirty-three grist-mills, fourteen saw-mills, three horse-mills, eighteen tanneries, twenty-eight distilleries, three powder-mills, 1, looms and 1, spinning-wheels. In Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana seat of government was removed from Vincennes to Ln, the latter being a more central point.

In the territory was divided into five districts, Washington and Knox constituting one, Gibson and Warrick one, page: Indiana adopted a constitution and was admitted to the Union Iniana Jonathan Jennings, under the new constitution, was elected first Governor of the State over Thomas Posey, who had been Governor of the territory, the vote standing 5, crwek 3, In the site of the present seat of government was selected by commissioners appointed by the General Assembly.

In the capital was removed from Corydon to Indianapolis.

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In the State Bank was chartered. In imprisonment for debt was abolished. Indiana has had numerous Indian wars, and forty-four treaties have been made with the various tribes from time to time. Indiana, when the great rebellion threatened this country with destruction, came nobly to the front with her brave "boys in blue," from time to time, to the number ofFew States can say as much; and Hancock county was not afraid; to marshal Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana forces and send Woman seeking nsa Fort Loudon Pennsylvania to the front to be trodden in the dust by the iron hoof of the war-horse.

The first railroad in Indiana was built inbetween Madison and Indianapolis. Five thousand miles of railroad are now in operation, and others in the process of construction.

In our old constitution was abolished, and a new and much better one adopted. Our vote was as follows: Indiana now stands among the leading States of the Union.

Her school fund is larger by two millions than any other State in the Union.

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Her manufacturing resources are unbounded, her coal fields are among the most productive, and furnish a large source of wealth, her water power is excellent, and her railroads numerous, Indianapolis, our capital, being the greatest railroad center in the State, and not surpassed by any city in the United States in this respect. Jeffersonville, New Albany and South Bend are respectively noted for their extensive "car works," "glass works," and "wagon factory.

Find naked girls in Buck creek Indiana

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